Trivia Night

with Jammin 107.7's Pebbles

Trivia with Pebbles

Trivia Night with Jammin 107.7 Pebbles

Harp & Dragon Trivia Night have returned with Jammin 107.7's Pebbles as your host! Every Monday night starting at 7 PM! The first prize team gets their entire tab paid up to $200!
Here are the rules:
You need a team of 2 players (minimum) to 6 players (maximum)
No reservations are necessary.
When you arrive with your team, let our staff know that you are there for trivia
and you'll be seated in the proper area.
Trivia starts at 7 pm sharp, teams can join as they would like no matter what round
Teams will need to pick a fun team name.
The team with the most points at the end of 5 rounds is the winner!
There will be 10 questions in each round
Questions are answered amongst your team and written on a provided paper.
After every round of 10 questions, Pebbles collects the sheets from all teams, grade the sheets privately, then hands back the sheets for the next round to begin.
At the end of trivia, Pebbles will notify the bar of the top 3 winners then congratulate the teams, take pictures etc and award the following prizes:
1st prize gets their entire team's tab paid up to $200.
2nd prize gets a round of drinks on the house.
Last place wins a 5lb bag of potatoes